A.N. Belousov

At now the officially in medicines of Ukraine are used following colloid magnetite particles: “Мicromage-B” by way of biologically active additive and magnet-controlled sorbent (МСS-B) for extracorporal detoxication of biological liquids. A basis this preparations are colloid magnetite particles (Fe3O4) size from 6 till 12 nm.

In this scientific work for the first time are make an attempt investigate mechanisms action of colloid magnetite particles on cell regulation and metabolism as a whole.

the colloid particles of magnet-controlled sorbent (МСS-B). A basis of the MCS-B is the colloid magnetite particles (Fe3O4). The size of magnetite’s colloid particles was in the range from 6 to 12 nanometers. Application of colloid particles MCS-B in blood was in according to method prof. A.N. Belousova.

Object of research: erythrocytes and leucocytes the patients of blood. It were total research: 80 patients. From them: 1) The 28 patients were examined on exchange of cell leucocytes products. From them: 12 the healthy persons; 10 persons had intoxication syndrome were is cause of multiorgan insufficiency; 6 persons were terminal patients. 2) Free radical oxidation lipids (FRОL) in erythrocytes parameters - 42 person: 21 the healthy persons; 21 persons were infectious hepatitis C. The study metabolism of leucocytes included: the research of glycogen; succinate dehydrogenises activity (SDG); protein total;  Gl-6PH-DG; lactate dehydrogenises of activity; creatinine concentration; superoxiddismutase of activity; catalase activity; glutathione reestablished; diene conjugates (DC) and malonic dialdehyde (МDА) concentration.

Was studied the analysis sorption activity MCS-B to superficial protein membranes of erythrocytes. The object of research: erythrocytes of healthy persons (10). The research was included two stages: the studied foregoing of parameters in cells intact and cells after make contact with MCS-B.

Results: is established, that action point of collide magnetite particles are protein superficial cells membrane. Thus, we have hypothesis biological action of MCS-B on protein molecules conformation and structure of cytoplasm and intracellular membranes. The change of protein a molecule structure to influences on transport substances of cell and determines intracellular metabolism processes. The colloid magnetite particles (MCS-B) have the role of modulating factor of metabolic processes in the leucocytes of healthy and sick person’s blood. The treatment of erythrocytes by colloid magnetite particles (MCS-B) leads to the selec­tive sorption of cell membranes’ surface proteins. The colloid magnetite particles (MCS-B) modulate the activity of АОS enzyme link in the erythrocytes of the healthy persons and infec­tious hepatitis C patients.


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