A.N. Belousov

To approve a new method and way of extracorporal detoxication with application of a product of nanotechnology - magnetocontrolled sorbent (MCS); to study on the basis of the clinic and laboratory data efficiency of extracorporal detoxication. 137 patients of various sex and age from 35 till 75 years with intoxication syndrome conditioned by hepatopancreatoduodenales region’s pathology are surveyed. The session of extracorporal detoxication was spent unitary on a method and technique of the doctor Belousov. Extracorporal magnetocontroled sorbent in necessary parity was mixed up with blood of the patient, and after fast disengagement of first in system of filters with magnetic traps the cleared blood immediately came back in blood-vessel system of the patient. The researches were spent at stages "in vitro" and "in vivo" (1-2 days, 3-4 days, 7-8 days, 30-32 days).

On the basis of the obtained data is determined selective sorbtion activity of the sorbent МSB in relation to proteins, lipids and hormones of the blood. Was authentically noted, that sorbent is the active corrector of disproteinemia, in 1.5-2 times raises oxygen capacity of the blood, is universal normalizer of acid and alkaline status parameters, level of products peroxidation of oxidation lipids and also has shown significant immunocorective, antibacterial and antifungal action. It normalizes a bioelectrical charge of the erythrocytes’ membrane, normalizes microcirculation and reological properties of the blood. The technique itself of sorbtion’s realization completely excludes hemic, hemodynamics, hormonal, immunological and electrolytic kinds of disorders.

The developed method and technique of extracorporal detoxication with application magnetocontrolled sorbent has no contra-indications and by-effects. This method of detoxication for the first time allows to approach patogenetic to the treatment of the patient in all-inclusive and in particularistic sense of this word. Method of extracorporal hemocorrection using magnet-controlled sorbent, on the whole is rather the method of artificial detoxycation, then an effective and reliable way to activate natural processes of detoxycation of the organism. Simplicity of application, efficiency and speed of clearing of blood allow optimistically predict wide introduction of the given technique not only in the therapy of critical statuses in stationary conditions, but also effectively provide urgent relief action for the out-patients.


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